Logo der Hohenheimer GärtenAbout the database - Present stage of development and aims

Stage of develeopment

The present version oft he database was primarily developed as an internal management system for Hohenheim Gardens. All accessions and plants are taxonomically checkes and classified according tot he Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (APG III). In cases of doubts the plants are post-determined. So far around 4900 accessions from 3500 taxa have been worked on and are released publically.

The programming oft the database itself is largely completed, it is already in use. Above we see our task in such a way that we make existing information available for students, scientists and the broad interested public.


We set the follwing aims for the next three years:

- editing of all accessions and plants of Hohenheim. We assume to have edited around 50 % at present. There is still a lot to do.
- Use oft he website in teachings (as a mobile teaching instrument)
- Completion oft the photographic documentation and supply on the website
- Completion oft he programming.