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Search for scientific plant names Here you have the possibility, to search for the scientific names of plant species. Then all in the database included names for the respective species will be searched for according to their search pattern. The nomenclature complies with, if possible, the in December 2010 published "The Plant List", a database which summarizes the differing nomenclature for taxa. See The Plant List.

Type the name into the search field or a part of it and press the button “Search”.

Search tips
You can search for scientific plant names either using capital or small letters.
There will also be data sets displayed, that apparently are not correct: for these species a synonym exists, this means that a scientific name from other taxonomic systems for the same plant species is existing. Synonyms are displayed in the list.
You will find further details, if you click on the link of the scientific name.

You may also just search for parts of the name, it will be searched for according to the search pattern.
Example: *fag" finds for example Fagus sylvatica or Fagopyrum esculentum or *a* finds all names, that contain an “a”scientific names of Hohenheim Gardens, that begin with an “a”. Please beware: the short the letter sequence the longer the duration of the search. You do not need to type the symbol *.