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Search plants with vernacular names Here you have the possibility, to search for plants according to their german names. As there are for the same plant species, often several german names in use, all in the database included names for the respective species are searched according to their search pattern.
Please enter the name or a part of it into the search field and press the button “Search”.

Search tips
You can search for german plant names, use of capital or use of small letters does not play a role. You can as well only search parts of a name, it will be searched according to their search pattern in the database.
Sie können auch nur Teile des Namens suchen, es wird dabei nach Ihrem Suchmuster in der Datenbank gesucht:

Example:*erle” finds for example Grauerle or Grünerle or a finds all names, that contain an “a”.
In case of a short letter sequence of course the search takes a little while longer.
You do not need to type the symbol * .