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Suche nach wahrscheinlich verwandten fossilen Pflanzennamen (alphabetisch) Here you have the possibility, to search plant species according to their alleged related fossile species. The nomenclature complies with, if possible, the in December 2010 published "The Plant List", a database which summarizes the differing nomenclature for taxa. See The Plant List.
For this function type the fossile plant name and press the “Search” button.

Search tips
All alleged with the fossile species related species (including subspecies, varieties and cultivars) will be found.

You will find further information, if you click the link oft he scientific name.
Example:*a" finds all scientific names of Hohenheim Gardens, that begin with an "a". You do not need to type the symbol *.
Please beware: Please beware: the short the letter sequence the longer the duration of the search. You do not need to type the symbol *.