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Search plants with schientific name (start at the beginning of the name) Here you have the possibility to search for plant species alphabetically (concerning the first letter oft he scientific name). The nomenclature goes by „The Plant List“, which was published in December 2010. „The Plant List“ is a database that summarizes the differing nomenclature for taxa. See The Plant List.
For this function you need to type the first letter in the search mask and press the „Search“ button.

Search references
All species name (also subspecies, varieties and cultivars) with the respective first letter will be found.
But also datasets will be found, that are apparently not correct, as they have a wrong first letter: for these species a synonym is available with the wanted first letter. The synonyms will also be shown in the list (as far as they are included in the database).
You will find further information, if you click on the link oft he scientific name.
For example:*a" finds all scientific names of Hohenheim Gardens, that begin with the letter „a“. You do not need to type the symbol *.
Please note: The shorter the letter sequence, the longer the search takes. You do not need to type the symbol *.