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In the present structure we created for the contents 165 tables with overall 1529 fields. For internal use, additionally 16 tables are included, that summarize 154 fields. For the presentation of the contents in the internet we further use 9 tables with 69 fields. In total the structure unites 190 tables with 1752 fields. A lot of the fields are certainly filled with content as linked up fields automatically, but there remain a lot of degrees of freedom for the input and search of the data.

Access to Biological Collection Data (ABCD)

This standard is one of most extensive and is used as a basis for many database solutions. The standard contains almost 1200 data concepts (fields) with a very extensive documentation. See: ABCD - Access to Biological Collection Data oder List of data concepts.

International Plant Exchange Network (IPEN)

For the exchange of plants and data between botanic gardens this standard was developed. It serves as a system of registration for plants, that have been taken in to culture for the first time in a botanic garden. The assigned unique labelling remains with the plant (or the group of plant with the same genetic heritage), even if the plants are being exchanged between botanic gardens. For more information see International Plant Exchange Network.

ISO country codes

For the standardizing of country codes we used ISO Standard 3166. See Country Codes - ISO 3166.

ISO Time- / Date standard

For the standardizing of times and date we used ISO Standard 8601. See Date and Time format- ISO 8601.


The RAD tool 4D turned out to be a very powerful instrument for the development of a complex database structure. Helpful turned out to be the graphical developer surrounding and the detailed possibilities for programming. With the corresponding web server data can be processed ideally for the internet. See Homepage 4D.


The development of a website can be based on already existing solutions, which for example also allow the use of the websites on smartphones and tablets, We have used Bootstrap (siehe: Bootstrap.). We have used the present version v4.3.1. The use of bootstrap requires the MIT licence, see Bootstrap license.

Bootstrap Image Galerie

The pictures on the website are presented with the help of the jQuery-Lightgallery (v1.6.12) that underlie GNU GPL licence v3. See also jQuery-Lightgallery